Friends of Lake Placentia
Friends of Lake Placentia, Beloit, Ohio 44609 (FOLP) is a formative group functioning as a Citizen's Support Organization (CSO) to address and support the needs and concerns of recreational access and natural resource management of this historic impoundment.

Topographical Map of Lake Placentia Dam - Beloit, Ohio 44609
Lake Placentia, Beloit OH Topo Map

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FeatureID: 1078193
Name: Lake Placentia Dam
Class: Dam (Definitions)
Citation: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Dams and Reservoirs List, Washington, DC, 1981. A listing of impounded bodies of water and associated information. 8/31/1980
Entry_Date: 01-Nov-1991
*Elevation: 1099/335

Sequence County Code State Code Country
1 Columbiana 029 Ohio 39 US

Coordinates (One point per USGS topographic map containing the feature, NAD83)
Sequence Latitude(DEC) Longitude(DEC) Latitude(DMS) Longitude(DMS) Map Name
1 40.8533920 -80.9931466 405112N 0805935W Hanoverton

The Lake Placentia can be found on the Hanoverton USGS quad topo map. Lake Placentia is a reservoir in Columbiana County in the state of Ohio. The latitude and longitude coordinates for this reservoir are 40.8534, -80.9931 and the altitude is 1099 feet (335 meters).

Discussion is held among residents, 
owners on whether Lake Placentia 
will ever see water again

Laurie Huffman
The Review
September 8, 2009

Photo By Kevin Graff/The Review
Dean Miller holds a photo of what Lake Placentia
used to look like with a copy of the lake rules
overlooking the empty lake.

What started with a water-powered grist mill along a creek in 1801 was turned into a reservoir and developed into what was known as a "beautiful summer resort" by 1888. A brochure printed at the time promised the area, called Placentia Lake, offered "good buildings, comfortable seats, new boats, a first-class restaurant, plenty of horse feed and clever accommodations all around."

The lake has been taken from fame to frustration, as the body of water around which the resort was built, later re-named Lake Placentia Park Co., was drained in 2006 and has sat empty ever since. Weeds now fill the 45-acre spot that drew crowds to enjoy sport in its baseball fields, to watch the midget auto races, to swim on its beaches, to boat and to fish from its bounty.

A hotel was erected on the west shore of the lake in the late 1800s that was eventually bought by the George D. Worth American Legion Post. A banquet room was added onto the building, which was purchased recently by five men who intend to continue to rent the building for parties, wedding receptions and the like. The new owners, Jeff Schrader of Alliance; Ken Blanchard of Minerva; David Ware of Georgia; and Carl Binius and Mike Knepp, both of North Georgetown, decided the lake had filled in with too much silt and had become too muddy and shallow. So, they opened the dam and drained the water in 2006 with the hope of digging it out deeper so the water would again be clear.

Schrader, Blanchard and Binius said recently they were surprised at how much silt was piled on the bottom of the lake. So much, they said, it will take much longer than they anticipated to get the bottom dried out enough to bring equipment in to dig the lake deeper again.

"We want to make the lake look like a lake again," said Blanchard. "But, it will take approximately two years to get it dried out enough to bring the equipment in and make it usable."

Binius, who lives on the west shore, said he has even more of an interest in seeing the water brought back in than most, because he and his girlfriend miss the lake views they used to enjoy there.

They are not the only people who miss seeing the sun dance across the water. A large number of property owners around what used to be Lake Placentia are deeply concerned about the lake being dry. A meeting was set up in July by approximately 25 homeowners with the five men who drained the lake. Some of the people brought facts about the history of the place. All brought questions to the owners as to what they intended to do about the emptied lake.

Greg Definbaugh, who resides on Lake Street, reported the owners said they intend to dig it out and refill it, but it will take time and money. Definbaugh said he will live there whether they fill the lake back up or not. But, he said he knows most of the guys who purchased the private land the lake was positioned on and he believes their "word is good."

"I was curious as to why nothing has been removed along the sides," Definbaugh added. "They told us in the meeting they want to push the dirt up from the bottom and make an island in the center. They said they're also trying to get state and federal grant money to help with the cost. I believe they will finish what they started, and that they'll do it all the right way."

Dean Miller, who lives across the street from Definbaugh, was a little less certain. Miller bought his lake house as a retirement spot, but within one month of his retirement in 2006, the water was removed from the lake bordering his back yard. The stairway leading from his deck down to his dock now leads to a patch of weeds, and he said it upsets him every time he looks at it.

"I don't know when it will ever be refilled, if at all," Miller said recently. "I have heard other property owners say their property value dropped between $10,000 and $20,000 when the water was removed," he said.

Miller said he has not had his home value re-assessed since the lake has been dry, but added, "It'd sure be nice to have the water put back in."

Schrader's wife, Fran, who takes reservations for the banquet center, said the place was popular during the 1940s and 1950s as a great place to go for dances, festivals, picnics, ball games and much more.

"There is such a history in the banquet center building," she said. "The Cleveland Indians were said to have a strong presence in the area with baseball camps. One couple also told us they met out there at a dance and were eventually married there. They were excited to hear we had bought the place and were still renting it out, because they wanted to celebrate their 50th anniversary there."

Blanchard noted they could use some state or local funding to help with the cost, and said they would also welcome any private donations.

Jeff Schrader summed up the situation by saying, "Our intentions were never to not have a lake here. We drained it, and we're waiting for it to dry out. That's the only thing we can do now. The lake was put in around 1807, and we don't want any problems with the people who live along the lake. We just want to make it look good again."

State of Ohio
Environmental Protection Agency
Division of Surface Water

Biological and Water Quality
Study of the upper Mahoning
River and Selected Tributaries

Watershed Assessment Units
05030103 010, 020, 030, and 040.
Columbiana, Mahoning, Portage,
Stark and Trumbull Counties
OHIO EPA Technical Report EAS/2008-10-8
December 18, 2008
Ted Strickland, Governor, State of Ohio
Chris Korleski, Director

Children of Amos David Eckstein at Lake Placentia in about 1940:
Franklin J. Eckstein, Lula Celesta Eckstein Ward,
Eli Edgar Eckstein, Elizabeth Eckstein Kaminsky,
Robert Clayton Eckstein

Topo Map | USGS Map | Alliance Review Newspaper Article Sept. 8, 2009
EPA Study of Mahoning River Watershed | Lake Placentia History
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